Resources for Catholic Educators

Prepare your school, parish, or youth group for Vocation Awareness Week on November 4-10 with the following resources.

Move From Education to Formation

with Vocation Lessons from Vianney Vocation

Vocation Lessons

Vocation Lessons, from Vianney Vocations, is an online vocation curriculum supplement for Kindergaten through 12th grade.

Used by more than 50 dioceses, Vocation Lessons fits easily into existing education systems– Catholic schools, religious education, and youth ministry — to ‘leaven’ them with a very strong pro-vocaiton message.

Vocation Resource Packet

The 2019 Vocation Resource Packet was created to help parishes celebrate Vocation Awareness Week, with a focus on helping families foster vocations. It contains 10 high-quality resources, including the new brochure “A Call to Love” and a creative table tent which helps families discuss vocations at dinner. The packet is an excellent starting point for parishes that want to observe the week in a meaningful way.

Price: $10.00